Works on all phones

No internet or apps required!
Works everywhere, for everyone.

Never forget a call

If you haven't dialed in yet, we'll text you when the first caller arrives.

The first 14 days are on us!

Enjoy an unlimited trial. Host as many calls as you want, we'll take care of the bill.

Honest & transparent pricing

Cancel your plan any time. There are no long-term contracts or commitments.

Priority support

Get support directly from the people who built HipDial. Email, IM or call us anytime.

Availability since 10/2012

We love our customers.

Josh stein b96fa77daf6e98e8ee387b445b64f48aa3f90f4ec7fc183eb213596bd0c48da5

This is absolutely brilliant: Instant conference calls, no PIN codes, no ‘at the tone speak your name’ cruft.

—Josh Stein,
Managing Director at DFJ
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We set up HipDial lines for all our employees in the U.S. and toll-free lines for partner calls.

Remote collaboration is easier than ever and we're paying less than before.

—Jaclyn Andrews, Office Manager at
Chet kapoor 52e0d66f82588f1f390d8a6d83870a99b093109be9f11320ff5b65de5786ccf6

Love the service. Efficient and stays out of my way. Very friendly and attentive support.

—Chet Kapoor, CEO at Apigee
Bill ready dbba5255bc3d5e0e3643b8e47176fd8f0c5dd13a37905ede1c3039be03930dd8

It's crazy that conference calls are still such a pain given all the great mobile tools out there. I'm thrilled to see HipDial changing that.

—Bill Ready, CEO at Braintree Payments


How do I set up a call?

Ask people to call your HipDial number, just like a normal phone number. At the agreed upon time everybody calls that number, including you. Once you dial in, the call starts.

You don't need to set up the call in advance. Your HipDial line is always reserved and available just for you.

How much does HipDial cost?

After your 14 day trial, the entry level plan is $19 per month. It includes one conference line and 500 voice minutes. You can cancel at any time.

Just like your cell phone plan, your subscription includes a quota of voice minutes and conference lines. After that, you're charged on usage.

How do you know it's me when I dial in?

We ask for your phone number when you sign up. That way, whenever somebody dials in from that number, we know it's you.

In case you need to dial in from a different phone, we've got your back. You can add multiple host numbers or use an emergency pin code for one-off access from any number.

More questions?

If you need anything else, don't hesitate to contact We will do out best to quickly get back to you. All your questions will be answered directly by the product team.